Houston crime: Suspect 'no-billed' in murder of gas station clerk over bag of chips

A grand jury returned a "no-bill" ruling in 17-year-old Mario Young's murder case.

The ruling means the teen's case is disposed and he's no longer facing a murder charge.

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The Harris County District Attorney charged him on January 21 for the January 19 killing of 42-year-old Asif Maknojia.

According to court documents, Maknojia followed Young and another teen out of a Sunoco in Humble after they stole a bag of chips.

Records say he got in his car and continued to follow the duo, then Young shot and killed Maknojia.

Lott Brooks, Young's attorney, says he believed Young's story that the shooting was in self-defense.

He decided to put the teen in front of a grand jury to get the case thrown out.

"I wanted him to be there with the grand jury, be honest and tell them exactly what happened," he said.

Mario Young

Mario Young

He says that Maknokjia had a gun the day the shooting happened, and he showed the guns to the teens threateningly. Court documents do not specify if Maknojia had a gun or not.

"When they left there was no danger anymore, when he came around the corner and confronted them again, I think they were afraid for their lives," he said.

He says his condolences go to Maknojia's family.

"It is just absolutely devastating, and I know my client is very upset about what happened."

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He says he doesn't know where Young got the gun, but thinks there are too many guns on the streets, and they lead to tragedies like this one.

It is possible for the DA to present the case to another grand jury and re-file charges, but there hasn't been any indication that that will happen in this case.