Houston couple sues political activist after claims the birth of their twins is like 'human trafficking'

Accusations of human trafficking and pedophilia on social media have caused two new Houston parents to sue a former Delaware U.S. Senate candidate for defamation.

"She took a very special moment, which included video of my babies who had just been born, and circulated that, calling me a pedophile," said social media influencer, Eric Vaughn. 

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It wasn't the welcome home celebration the small business owner and his husband of six years Tony Trainor expected. 

"What should have been the most happy and exciting week of our lives, we are torn between like loving on our babies and focusing on them and focusing on our family, then also trying to defend ourselves in public," stated Vaughn. 

The couple documented their experience of having their twins, Harlow and Monroe, through surrogacy on social media. The girls, who are now a month old, spent more than three weeks in the NICU.  

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Political activist, Lauren Witzke, took to Twitter and other platforms, sharing Vaughn's videos of his newborns stating in part "this is human trafficking and in a sane society would be illegal."

The accusation continued. 

"We really wanted to send the message that you don't mess with our family," said Vaughn.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee filed the defamation lawsuit Monday. 

FOX 26 Anchor, Caroline Collins, spoke with the former Delaware U.S. Senate candidate who describes herself as a Christian. 

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"My tweet is a representation of my beliefs and I truly believe what I say," said Witzke. "I have a right as a Christian to my opinion." 

When asked if her response to the couple's posts were "Christian like" she stated, "So they posted it publically on their social media. When you post your depravity, you are going to get reprimand, welcome to the Internet." 

Vaughn and Trainor hope this action protects their family in the future. 

"In 10 years, if the girls happen to Google their dad's, and they see this article, and they see her tweet, it causes so much concern and these are conversations we want to have with our daughters," stated Vaughn. "Like when you were born this is what came on the internet and this is how we fought it."

In the meantime, the couple plans to continue sharing their journey online. 

"Family first. At all costs, family first," stated Trainor.  

Witzke said she has no plans to apologize.