Making the Case: Should we punish those who intentionally get others sick?

These are strange times we're dealing with but as the pandemic rolls on so does strong opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine. At a recent anti-vaccine rally in New York City, the CEO of the Austin based group Informed Consent Action Network, Del Bigtree, made some controversial comments to the crowd. He encouraged them to intentionally catch the deadly Coronavirus. His comments have gone viral and many are making the case that the behavior is reckless and should be punishable by law. News Edge legal expert Charles Adams explains, trying to prove criminal intent in these types of situations is tricky.

Making The Case: Enforcing new COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Following President Biden's latest vaccine mandates on the labor force, many are making the case that enforcing them is going to be troublesome. The Biden Administration is hoping to get as many as 100 million more Americans vaccinated by putting pressure on employers to require them. Not complying could result in hefty fines per employee. The News Edge legal analyst Charles Adams explains some of the biggest hurdles the mandates could face in court.

Breaking down the new laws established in Texas from abortion to permitless carry

Nearly 700 laws are now in effect across the Lonestar state and several of them have sparked big reactions from both lawmakers and residents. Fox 26 spoke to our legal analyst Charlas "Big Angry" Adams about three of the laws that have gained the most attention, including the fetal heartbeat bill, permitless carry and new voting protocols. Adams is making the case that many of the changes are not as simple as they seem.

The NOH8 campaign stops in Houston

You may have seen the NOH8 campaign across your social media for years, where people are photographed with duct tape over their mouths symbolizing that they have been silenced.