New political party arrives in Texas

SAM which stands for Serve America Movement has arrived in the Lonestar state. The party which strives to be made up of diverse voters say they want to appeal to the nearly 40% of moderate thinkers across the country who want common sense and majority-driven policy in place. The party's chairman is former Florida congressman David Jolly. The former Houston mayoral candidate Bill King will serve as founding chair of the Texas branch. FOX 26 political reporter Greg Groogan debriefs anchor Kaitlin Monte about the group's appeal and future hurdles.

Millions of dollars in rent help still available for Houstonians

More than $100M dollar is still available for eligible residents in the Houston area as part of the city and county's joint rent relief efforts. The fund which was a direct response to the pandemic started with more than $159M and so far, has helped more than 28,000 families. Requirements have also changed, and your landlord no longer has to sign up first in order to be eligible. You can apply online at

Making the Case: Virtual courts, hurting or helping?

Houston and Harris County have been operating virtually for more than a year, but is it time to get things back to normal? Recently Houston Police Chief Troy Finner blamed the local court system for the area's recent spike in violent crime, saying they're backed up and letting violent offenders out on bonds when they shouldn't be. The News Edge legal expert Charles Adams addressed the accusation and gave his opinion on the effects of a virtual legal system.

Making The Case: Vaccines and employee rights

Houston Methodist won it's court battle with employees who claim their rights are being infringed upon because the hospital is requiring all employees be vaccinated. A judge sided with the hospital saying employees are free to quit and find another job. So how does this ruling apply to you and your career? The News Edge Early Edition legal expert Charles Adams answers that question and also addresses the issue of returning to the workplace. If you can effectively do your job from home, can you refuse to return to in-person work?

Adoption is an option

Rashi Vats talks with the Texas Adoption Center about services they offer to help expectant mothers considering alternatives to parenthood.

Houston rolls out plan to address city's adult literacy challenge

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults in Houston can't read? Today, The Mayor’s Office for Adult Literacy (MOAL) and the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation unveiled Houston’s Adult Literacy Blueprint, a call for action and comprehensive plan for coordinated city-wide change to address alarming adult literacy rates. The city also cited research showing the entire city would get a $13 billion-dollar economic boost if we successfully raise overall literacy just one level.