Higher prices could be a blow to your Fourth of July fireworks budget

If your Fourth of July festivities will include fireworks, and you still need to get supplies, there's good news and expensive news this year. The selection should be good, but like most things these days, you'll find prices are noticeably higher.

Shopping in North Houston, Lawrence Culton says the fireworks are a big deal for his family and he's noticed the higher prices.

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"It looks like everything's a little higher than it was. Some smaller things are $20-$30. It's supply and demand, I guess." 

Top Dog Fireworks' Sue Davis says the last two seasons were booming for the industry and demand remains high. Consumers spent more than $2 billion, just last year, on fireworks while public displays were cut back during the pandemic. That demand left shortages that should now be resolved. 

"We did have some bare shelves in the last couple of seasons and that was in the really, really popular things," says Davis. "We're not going to have that problem this year."

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Ready supplies come at a price. The American Pyrotechnics Association says a combination of expensive raw materials, shipping and transportation, and labor costs have pushed the price of fireworks up 35% this year over last. It leaves retailers working to keep customers happy, as best they can. 

"We're working really hard to offer everybody as many discounts as we can, to keep the sales up and ensure everybody has what they want for the Fourth of July," says Sue Davis.


Shoppers for now are not deterred. 

"It's a celebration time; good time for family; everybody get together and have a good times," says Daren Barley, as he shops for fireworks. "I'm gonna' have some fun, have a good Fourth of July. It's gonna' be good."