Middle-class in Houston: Here's the income you need to make

What does it take for Houston residents to be considered "middle class?" The answer often varies depending on who you ask, where you live, or how much you spend, but a new study hopes to shine a light on that. 

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Researchers at SmartAsset analyzed the high and low-end of middle-class salaries in 100 large cities and every state using 2021 U.S. Census Bureau data. 

This was also examined through how the Pew Research Center defines "middle class," as Americans whose income ranges from two-thirds to two times the median household income.

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The findings showed that to be considered "middle class" in Houston, you would have to earn between $37,184 and $110,998. These numbers are quite similar to other Texas cities.

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For example, in Dallas between $38,857 and $115,990 but in Austin you'd have to make between $53,293 and $159,084. In Texas overall, researchers say you need to make between $44,865 and $133,926 to fall into the middle class.


To see the full report and how other states and cities compared, click here.