History-making, former Houston Colt 45's player, talks about the Astros in the World Series

One Houstonian, who’s a huge Houston Astros fan, actually used to wear the uniform. He was with the Astros even before they were the Astros.  

Speaking of uniforms, the pioneer FOX 26 had the privilege of chatting it up with has been an Army Paratrooper. He made history working in the Houston Police Department, and he played Major League Baseball in Houston.   

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"They used to call me Mr. Cool, but I don’t know where they got that from," laughs JC Hartman. 

Most people now call former MLB Player JC Hartman quite the trailblazer who played professional baseball for 12 years in the 1960’s, including for the Negro League's Kansas City Monarchs.

"We were traveling around the country on a bus with 600,000 miles on it and no air, and it would break down pretty often," Hartman recalls. 

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He played Shortstop for a team you may have heard of, the Houston Colt 45’s, which are now called the Houston Astros.

"We were just kind of a new team trying to make it," Hartman smiles. 

He’s still very respected within the Astros organization. He showed me one picture of him posing at a game this season with Astros Manager Dusty Baker and I quickly recognized another uniform in the photo. It was Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. 

Long before Chief Finner held that title, Mr. Hartman made history working for HPD. 

"I became the first Black supervisor in the Houston Police Department in 1974," Hartman explains. That’s part of the reason Retired HPD Sgt. JC Hartman received an award from HPD’s AAPOL organization just last week. 

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"Look. This is one of the greatest awards ever given to me. Lifetime Achievement Award 2022," he says while showing off the beautiful accolade. 

His lifetime of achievements also include writing the book "Fields Way" and playing with some baseball greats. "I played with Satchel Paige." 

Hank Aaron and Willie Mays also make that list and both have been to Mr. Hartman’s Third Ward home. 

"This is Willie Mays here. That’s me. That’s me cutting his hair right there, up in my game room," Hartman smiles. 

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The 88-year-old has plenty of amazing stories to tell, including how the team he once suited up for is now one of the best in the world. 

"I’m elated that they're in the World Series."