FIRST ON FOX: Quanell X gives details of Derion Vence confession

Derion Vence, Maleah Davis' mother's ex-fiance, has confessed to Quanell X that Maleah is dead. He said it was an accident and that he dumped her body in Arkansas.

Authorities in Arkansas have found a bag with human remains of a child in their search for Maleah Davis' body.

After they finish their crime scene investigation, Houston authorities and Texas EquuSearch will bring the remains back to Houston late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

LATEST: Bag with human remains of child found in Maleah Davis search in Arkansas

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Quanell X stopped by FOX 26 to discuss how he was able to get a confession from Vence.

“I was able by God's grace to visit Derion,” Quanell said. “He voiced his concerns about how he was being portrayed in the media. He was upset with Brittany. He thought he acted as more of a father.”

Vence told Quanell that he spent more time with the children than Maleah's mother, Brittany Bowens. He believed she wasn't a good mom.

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When it came to a motive, Quanell thinks Vence snapped because Bowens found out he was having an affair.

“I asked him, 'Are you a cold-blooded murderer?' He said it was an accident ... He wanted to make it clear everything he was doing for the children by himself.

Vence then allegedly told me Quanell he dumped her body in Arkansas on the side of a road. He confessed to driving five hours. 

He didn't bury her, he just dumped her body.

When asked how he got the confession, Quanell says this isn't the first time a killer has confessed their crimes to him.

“A lot of people have forgotten abut my history in this city. Other killers have confessed to me, when they wouldn't anyone else.”

Quanell also described the hurt he felt with Vence's demeanor as he interviewed him.

“What hurt me [is] he had no remorse. He had no feelings of regret ... and I can't stop crying. I had to stop myself from crying because he was so cold in this discussion with me.  He cared more about what people think about him, than what he did with Maleah. There was no remorse.”

Before getting this confession, Quanell did work with Maleah's mother Brittany Bowens. This week, he announced he cut ties with her.

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“I'm a father. I have daughters,” Quanell said. “It was hard standing by Brittany's side, but I had to do what I had to do to make sure I could find out everything - what happened to Maleah and where is she.”

Quanell said he learned early in the case that Bowens helped cover up abuse at the hands of the Vence on more than one occasion.

“She never broke down in private conversations, always before the camera. She refused to ever say anything about Derion, even after charged with tampering with the body.”

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When asked about the details of Maleah's head injuries, Quanell refused to discuss due to the CPS investigation.

“These are the worst cases because it involves children.”

Maleah's case is Quanell's third case where children went missing and the parent is the one who committed the murder.

“These are the cases you can't shake. They stay with you. These are the cases that eat you on the inside when you look at your own children, something's wrong.”

“In talking with Derion, he was cold  He had a cold spirit, almost like I don't care spirit.  That's the part I expected emotions and remorse, there is none.”


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