Felicia Johnson’s father voices frustration on her disappearance outside Houston City Hall

A father, reeling from his daughter's disappearance for two weeks, was unable to hide his frustration while speaking on the steps at Houston City Hall. 

Felicia Johnson, 24, was last seen on Friday, April 15th leaving Cover Girls Adult Night Club on West Little York.

DETAILS: Father of woman who vanished after leaving Houston strip club says she's a victim of human trafficking

She traveled here from San Diego in hopes of getting a job as a dancer.

Her cell phone covered in blood was found four miles from the strip club.

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Felicia's father Kevin Johnson says it took 5 days before the Houston Police Department began investigating her disappearance.

"Since that time, I've stepped back and allowed them to do their job however I've yet to be provided with any information as it relates to her last known whereabouts which I believe to be the Cover Girl Nightclub," Johnson said. "Nor at this time have I been provided with any pertinent information as it relates to the surveillance footage at the Cover Girl Night Club that could easily confirm or deny Felicia's identity."


"There are many questions obviously that are out there, and we need the answers because right now grief is intensified without justice," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "Sadly right now justice is lacking for Felicia and her family."

Felicia's father claims HPD, the Harris County DA's office, and club owners are not forthcoming about Felicia's disappearance. In fact, Johnson believes she's become a victim of human trafficking and also criticized Black Lives Matter of Houston.

"Where are you at?" Johnson asked. "I've been here two weeks, you have zero presence; reach out to me. That's all I've got to say."

Casey Wallace, an attorney for Cover Girls, sent a statement to FOX 26, saying, 
"I can't say whether or not Miss Johnson was in the club, if she came in looking for a job, she was turned down within a few minutes. She never worked at the club and Cover Girls has no connection to this woman. All surveillance video has been turned over to HPD. Cover Girls has never been involved in human trafficking and to suggest that Cover Girls is responsible for this woman's disappearance is categorically false."

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that can help bring her home by calling 713-222-TIPS. The FBI tells us its Houston office is assisting in this matter but HPD remains the lead investigative agency.