Breaking Bond: In-depth look at three Criminal Dist. Court Judges who have opponents in the Dem. primary

For more than a year, we've repeatedly asked Judges Hillary Unger, Greg Glass, and Jason Luong for interviews for Breaking Bond reports. All those requests were ignored.

Three candidates running against them were more than happy to talk to us.

Last September, Houston Police Department Officer Bill Jeffery was killed in a gun battle with 30-year-old Deon Ledet, a habitual criminal and wanted fugitive at the time. 


The DA's office asked 208th Criminal District Court Judge Greg Glass to deny Ledet bond.

Instead, Judge Glass lowered Ledet's bond to just $20,000.

"This court has had so much bad publicity with the release of repeat violent offenders and I know I can make a change there," said prosecutor Beverly Armstrong, whose running against Judge Glass. 

"I would look at whether this was your first-time, fifth-time, tenth-time," Armstrong said. "I would look at is there demonstrated evidence of danger to society,"

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In October 2021, we told you how 248th Criminal District Court Judge Hillary Unger set bond for 40-year-old Andrew Williams, charged with capital murder at $150,000. 
Williams would later go on to allegedly run over and kill 71-year-old Martha Medina in a McDonald's parking lot.

"Too many people are being killed on the streets of Harris County by felons who've been released on multiple felony bonds. These are violent offenders who are endangering our community," said prosecutor Linda Mazagatti who hopes to unseat Judge Hillary Unger in the primary,

"One bond, I certainly understand that. A second bond is a potential, but it has to be justifiable," said Mazagatti. "A third bond is typically unreasonable."


Back in July 2020, we told you about 38-year-old Brandon Andres' lengthy criminal history.

That didn't stop 185th Criminal District Court Judge Jason Luong from granting him three felony bonds.

On June 14, 2021, police say Andres and another man murdered 35-year-old Rodrick Miller.

"The trial docket in that court is absurd. My opponent has only been to trial 10 times in three years while many of our hardworking democratic judges have been to trial 30 to 40 times in that same time period," said prosecutor Andrea Beall whose running against Judge Jason Luong.

"He hasn't tried a capital murder. He hasn't presided over a single child abuse case, even though the legislature requires judges prioritize those in trial order," Beall said.]