Activists call for Precinct 1 deputy caught on camera endangering cyclists to be fired

Community activists are calling for a Harris County Precinct One deputy constable to be fired after he was caught on camera slamming on his brakes as a group of cyclists rode in the street. 

Houston residents expressed outrage after the video surfaced, and the man who recorded the incident spoke out Tuesday morning. 

BACKGROUND: Precinct one deputy caught on camera slamming on brakes as bicyclists rode in street

"We never received a lawful command, we just received, basically this officer losing control," he said.

Hundreds of cyclists take to the streets for night rides several times a week, including families with children. They were riding downtown on Thursday night when the encounter took place.

Video shows the deputy swerving in and out of lanes seemingly chasing one of the riders, and at one point, he even gets out of his cruiser. 

"Transportation code says we're supposed to be able to have the right lane, and some of this video shows that this officer is swerving into the right lane," said the eyewitness. 

Another clip shows the deputy constable slam on his brakes a second time, causing a cyclist to ram into the back of his cruiser. 

"What he did could've caused a serious accident, and someone could've been seriously injured," said community activist Quanell X. 

On Tuesday morning, Quanell X and Dr. Candace Matthews with the Rainbow Push Coalition held a press conference calling for the deputy constable to be terminated. 


"Take him off the force, because the example of what he showed as an officer is unbecoming of one who is wearing the badge. He is not fit to wear the badge," Quanell X said. 

Over the weekend, Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen issued the following statement: 

"Today, I was made aware of an online video of a Precinct One deputy engaging several cyclists on the roadway. The brief video clip, filmed at approximately 10:15 p.m., on Thursday, June 30, 2022, depicts the deputy encountering the cyclists in the old Sunset Heights area of N. Main Street and Cavalcade Street. I was notified of this incident by a citizen complainant expressing concern for the safety of the cyclists, in addition to the deputy's behavior.
After viewing the deputy’s dash cam video, which is now under investigation, it appears both parties, the deputy and cyclists on scene were not conducting themselves in a safe manner. The cyclists were dangerously impacting other citizens, riding into oncoming traffic lanes and were taking over an entire intersection interrupting traffic.
I hold my deputies to a higher standard of professionalism, therefore, I have ordered the conduct of the deputy to be thoroughly investigated by our Internal Affairs Division. Once the investigation is complete, if the deputy’s conduct was not consistent with departmental policies, I will take the appropriate action. I support the safety of cyclists, and they have the right to be on the road, but I also enforce public safety laws. Everyone must obey traffic laws for their own safety and that of others."