Historic march hosted by HPD & the NAACP is uniting officers and the community like never before

A history-making march is set to happen tomorrow as the Houston Police Department and the community come together for a march, like none other. 

It’s in honor of two Houston men who graduated from Jack Yates High School, George Floyd who was killed by a police officer, and Houston Police Sgt. Harold Preston, who was killed in the line of duty. 


"Their legacies are going to be something that’s going to bring us all together," explains HPD Officer Eric Carr. "There’s always been a myth that the police are on one side of the line and the community is on the other side of the line but that’s not true. We’re one team," Carr adds.

So Saturday morning the Houston Police Department along with the Houston NAACP will host a Stop The Violence Community March together. "Hand in hand with our community demonstrating to the world that we're stronger together, that we're safer together," Carr explains. 

"We’re courageous enough to cross those forbidden lines. You know people say police over here. Community over here. No, we can’t stand for that because that will create more opportunity for disaster," says Houston NAACP President Bishop James Dixon. 

The march will begin in Third Ward where both Sgt. Preston and Floyd grew up, specifically starting at Yates High where both graduated. "Both men, of course, now dying in the same year from violence and now that violence and pain is being turned into a positive, a purpose. I think that is unique in itself and I think only God could have arranged those dots," says Bishop Dixon.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, HPD Chief Troy Finner, members of Congress, and the Preston and Floyd families will all come together and march from Yates to TSU where Sgt. Preston graduated. 

"This is historic. Houston is taking a lead position in demonstrating for the nation what it means to really bring healing to a community. The families of George Floyd and Sgt. Harold Preston are all on board to help to use the legacies of their loved ones to bring about positive change," Bishop Dixon says.  

"We’ll be uniting, walking in peace, walking on behalf of justice," Officer Carr adds. The plan is for the two sides to unite for the event and never divide again. "When we’re together we’re all safer. When we’re together we’re more successful," says Bishop Dixon. 

The march begins Saturday, May 15, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. Every police officer, every resident is invited to unite and walk together.
HPD recruiters will also be on hand. "Many people say 'if I was an officer, if I was there I would have done this. If I was an officer I would do this.' Well, you have a perfect opportunity. Come join us," says Officer Carr.