$6,000 that was supposed to go to victim goes to thief's girlfriend instead

"No one seems to be accountable for what happened to my money," said the 77-year-old business owner who asked that we not identify him.

As far as he's concerned, he was victimized twice.

First it was five self-described gang members, then it was the criminal justice system.

"Pretty unhappy, very bitter about it," he said.

Even though the five gang members are now serving 12-year prison sentences, the business owner fears possible retaliation.

His story begins on Houston's memorable Tax Day Flood in April 2016. While flooded streets kept most people at home, these five men spent four hours inside the man's warehouse.

This never before seen video shows the men taking anything and everything they can.

"I was robbed of a certain amount of money and my gun collection and some jewelry that belonged to me wife," said the business owner.

The thieves used a grinder to get into the safe. You can even see the sparks flying as they help themselves to a substantial amount of cash and dozens of guns.

Houston police arrested all five men in just a matter of days. They weren't hard to find since they posted pictures of themselves with their ill-gotten gain on social media.

When police arrested Quentin Wallace, he had one of the business owner's guns.

"And over $6,000 in his pocket that he couldn't account for how he got it," the business owner said.

Just a few months ago, the judge overseeing the case signed an order stating the $6,000 should be turned over to the business owner. But that couldn't happen. It turns out the sheriff's department gave the $6,000 to Wallace's girlfriend over a year ago.

So how did the thief's girlfriend end up with the money?

The D.A.s office and the sheriff's department both tell us the officer who arrested Wallace didn't complete the needed paperwork to seize the money. Therefore, the sheriff's department says it had no documented legal authority to retain the money.

So deputies had to follow the convicted thief's wishes and give the $6,000 to his girlfriend.