Is voter fraud or voter suppression a major problem in the U.S. - What's Your Point?

Despite our best efforts, "turnout" in this 2022 midterm is "down" decidedly from the voter enthusiasm exhibited in 2018, and while political scientists will ponder and opine on the reasons why, a new and disturbing survey offers us at least a partial explanation.

Polling conducted by Dr. Mark Jones for the University of Houston/Hobby School found a whopping 50% of Texans believe voter fraud is a "major problem" in the United States.


And there's more, the same survey found more than a third of Texas "likely voters" - 37 percent - believe "voter suppression" is a major problem here and across the nation.

Panel - I’ll give you my reaction in the form of a question, "If potential voters don't trust the integrity and fairness of the process, is it any wonder why many choose not to participate?"