June 2022 shaping up to be the hottest on record

This June is on track to be the new record holder for overall monthly temperature.

The average monthly high temperature for June in Houston currently sits at 86.9 degrees. With only a few days left to go for this month before it's official, the current titleholder is June 2011 with 86.2 degrees being the average monthly high temperature.

So far, with the exception of two days, this June has seen above-average highs. Many of them were new records for both daytime highs and overnight lows.

College Station achieved a daytime high of over 101 degrees for eight days in a row. This is the first time on record of that occurring in the month of June.

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The last time a streak like that happened was for seven days in 2009 from June 23-29.

Huntsville's temperatures got up to 104 degrees yesterday. It was the highest temperature achieved at the site so far to date. The city has hit 103 twice and 102 degrees five times within the past two weeks.

All of these high temperatures occurred well ahead of our normal schedule. We usually don't see our first 100-degree day until mid-July.

On average, Houston sees about three 100-degree days each year.


In 2011, there was a whopping 46 days that reached above 100 degrees.

This month alone, Bush Intercontinental, which serves as the official climate reporting site for Houston, has already experienced five days of 100-degree heat and summer has barely just begun.

Four of those five days occurred last week. But the kicker is, that this heat was seen late in the season occurring mostly in August and September.

This week we'll get a necessary break from the heat and also the ongoing drought that has led to county burn bans.

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Temperatures are trending closer to average as June comes to an end. We expect daily shower and storm chances as we begin July on Friday.