Houston heat: Hobby Airport breaks 23-year heat record Sunday, city of Houston ties all-time record high

It certainly is summer in the Houston area and Mother Nature isn't going on vacation with the heat still gripping the area.

In fact, on Sunday, Houston tied the all-time record high temperature of 109 degrees at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Just last week, Houston also hit 109 on Thursday, August 24.

Only a handful of other times has Houston hit 109 degrees. Those dates were August 27, 2011, and September 4, 2000.

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While Houston Hobby Airport isn't the reporting site for the City of Houston, they also broke their all-time record on Sunday at 109 degrees.

The old record was 108 degrees set on September 4, 2000. And yes, that's 23 years ago!

Safe to say, the heat doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon, so be sure you're safe if you must work outside by drinking plenty of breaks, drinking lots of water, and practicing all safety precautions.

Stay safe out there Houston!