Viral Trend: Ask men about the Roman Empire

A unique social media trend is gaining traction, encouraging individuals to inquire about how often the men in their lives contemplate the Roman Empire. With a hint of humor and curiosity, this trend has sparked intriguing conversations. The responses vary widely, touching on topics ranging from modern politics to cinematic influences, such as "Gladiator." How often do men think about the Roman Empire? The answers might surprise you!

19-foot python is longest ever captured

A group of python wranglers in Florida now hold the record for the longest python ever captured. Officials say the snake was 19 feet long and weighed 125 pounds. It's the longest-ever documented Burmese Python caught in the state.

Chimp sees sky for first time after 28 years

Cameras caught the moment a chimpanzee named "Vanilla" saw the sky for the first time in nearly 30 years. The touching video quickly went viral. "Vanilla" spent most of her 28 years in a cage, some of it in a research lab. Now, she's living at an animal sanctuary in Florida. Dr. Andrew Halloran with Save the Chimps joins us to talk more about the adorable chimp.

Grimace merchandise sells for $39K online

One of the hottest things on the internet right now in Grimace and McDonald's recent birthday promotion for the character has sparked a merchandise craze online. A flea market toy just went for $39,000 dollars and a Grimace milkshake poster sold for nearly $13,000.