Tesla Cybertruck: Exploring the rental experience

Is the future here? If you’ve seen the Tesla Cybertruck you may think that is the case. The highly sought-after vehicle is hard to get your hands on, and the price tag seems to continue to grow.

Electric vehicle road trip test

After plugging in for more than 800 miles in an electric vehicle, FOX Business Correspondent Jeff Flock discovered you have to do your homework before your big drive.

Tesla drivers have the highest accident rate, study says

A new study found that Tesla drivers were involved in more accidents than any other auto brand, while drivers of another type of vehicle were in the most auto "incidents," including accidents, DUIs, speeding and citations.

Tesla announces big plans for cheaper iron-based batteries

Tesla Inc. is planning to install iron-based batteries that are not only cheaper, but less of a fire hazard, in a version of an affordable electric vehicle and a semi heavy electric truck, according to reports.