Black Friday deals to shop, skip

Brace yourself, because the Black Friday sales have already started. Before you go in search of deals, consumer reporter Steve Noviello says there are some things you should skip.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Retailers nationwide rolled out Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals earlier than ever this year. Tech life columnist Jennifer Jolly shares some of the year's best deals and advice.

Cyber Monday purchases impacted by inflation, delaying shipments

Many, if not all of us, have been conditioned to expect free and fast shipping but stubborn inflation has made so many things more expensive and is also hitting retailers who are trying to balance keeping customers happy with what they can reasonably accomplish.

Making the most out of your Black Friday shopping

In spite of prices getting higher and higher, and maybe you're not able to find everything you want for this season, a lot of people were still headed out for Black Friday. FOX 26's Chelsea Edwards has more.

Target offering early Black Friday deals

Target is one of many retailers offering Black Friday deals, rolling out a series of weeklong sales starting Sunday, October 31, and continuing throughout the holiday season.