Interview with NASA Flight Engineer Tracy Dyson

FOX 26 Spoke with NASA Flight Engineer Tracy Dyson ahead of her upcoming trip to the International Space Station. She spoke about what she's anticipating and what's going to happen during her time on board.

NASA seeks volunteers for year-long mars simulation mission

Houston, get ready for a unique opportunity! NASA is on the lookout for volunteers to participate in a year-long simulation mission to Mars at the Johnson Space Center. Selected candidates will experience life in a three-D printed habitat, facing challenges such as spacewalks, crop growth, and technology failures.

NASA delays Artemis Moon Mission

NASA postpones Artemis Moon mission, citing safety and technical concerns; new dates set for sending astronauts around the Moon in September 20-25, with the Moon landing scheduled for September 20-26; t

Astronauts on mission to interact with social media

Astronauts set to embark on the Artemis Two Mission, which aims to orbit the moon, will have the ability to interact with people online while in outer space. This unique feature is expected to enhance communication and engagement during the mission.

SpaceX Rocket launches unmanned capsule

A SpaceX rocket is set to launch an unmanned capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) tonight, carrying over 6,500 pounds of supplies, science experiments, and equipment. Among the cargo are holiday treats for the ISS crew to enjoy on Thanksgiving. The capsule will remain docked at the space station for about a month before returning to Earth with approximately 3,800 pounds of cargo

NASA Legend Gene Kranz Launches New Book

Astronaut Gene Kranz, renowned for his pivotal role in NASA's historic missions, has unveiled a new book that delves into the captivating world of space exploration.