FOX Super 6 NFL Week 1 - How to win $1 million for free

The 2021 NFL season kicks off in just under two weeks, and with it comes your chance to win one of the biggest jackpots in Super 6 history. To start the season, FOX Bet is giving away a cool $1 million of Terry Bradshaw's money.

One-on-one with the great Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis is the only player in NFL history with 2,000+ rushing yards and 20+ rushing touchdowns in a single season and made the mile-high salute popular. And our Nate Griffin got to catch up with his work in the community and his career.

Attorney confirms Deshaun Watson talked to the FBI

We're learning some breaking developments in the legal battle surrounding Texans quarterback to Deshaun Watson with the revelation of some previously undisclosed evidence by his defense team, FOX 26's Greg Groogan tells us more.