Barbers Hill ISD says teen's dreadlocks are against dress code, threatens in-school suspension

Deandre Arnold, 18, has been a student at Barbers Hill ISD his entire life and has been growing his dreadlocks since he was 10 years old with no issues. For some reason back in December, Deandre was told to get rid of the dreads or spend the rest of the year in in-school suspension, which would mean he couldn't walk the graduation stage with the rest of his classmates in the spring. If you support Deandre Arnold, call Barbers Hill ISD to voice your opinion on Tuesday after Martin Luther King Jr. Day at 281-576-2221.

How to find a better job

Dr. Natalia Peart is offering advice and tips for how to get the career that you want if the job you're in now isn't working out.

Angela After Dark: How do you know when it's time to seek therapy?

Dr. Angela Jones says it's always best to start therapy when your mental health is at a simmer, not a boil. It's never bad to start therapy, especially if you're sleeping too long, having trouble getting out of bed or socializing. Bottom line, if you feel like you might need it even just a little, don't hesitate.

Local nonprofit supports children who have parents in jail

Roughly 5 million children across the country have a parent serving time in jail or prison. Those kids are half as likely to graduate from high school as their peers, but there is help out there through local organization No More Victims, founded by Marilyn Gambrell who works diligently for these children.