TV panel deems new White House Press Secretary unfit for job

Karine Jean-Pierre has made history as the nation's first Black, immigrant, and openly gay White House Press Secretary. Overseas, a video of a Russian state TV panel demeaning Jean-Pierre has gone viral. Panelists argue she was a shoe-in for the job because of her race. Our guests talk about the harmful implications of the clip.

How you can cut your energy costs

Another hot Houston summer is on the horizon. As an expert explains, it's time to start thinking strategically about keeping those energy prices down.

How you can leave a harmful relationship

What can you do to help someone experiencing mental and physical abuse in their relationship? In the wake of a local family's tragedy, our guest from the Houston Area Women's Center offers helpful advice.

What is the 'Great Replacement Theory?'

The shooting massacre in Buffalo has led to the resurfacing of the "The Great Replacement" theory. Police say the shooting suspect referenced the theory in his 180 page manifesto. Turns out, it's a factually incorrect conspiracy theory that is rooted in racism. Two college professors join us to explain.

Social media reacts to the Buffalo shooting massacre

Anger and outrage are resonating with many across the country in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo New York. In this segment, two social media creators share their feelings about the shooting, as well as race relations across the country.

Protecting your mental health from traumatic events

The man arrested for the supermarket shooting where 10 people died livestreamed it on social media. The video is raw, disturbing and gruesome. Therapist Dr. Angela Jones talks about the trauma watching videos can do to a person.

10 Black people shot, killed in New York grocery store

In light of the recent mass shooting at a Buffalo, NY supermarket, Isiah invites a diverse group of panelists to weigh in on the tragedy. A former police chief, journalist, gun store owner, sitting politician, conservative commentator and former board member from Newtown, CT (where more than 20 students and teachers were killed in 2012) give their take on solutions, racial tones, gun laws and reform and what we should all do as a community to make things better.

SAY WHAT? Man 'marries' 8 women

Can you be in love with more than one person at the same time? For this man the answer is: yes. In this segment, he shares what it's like to have a ceremonial marriage with eight women.

FDA authorizes underwear that protects against STD's

The resident ladies of Girl Talk have an interesting topic on the table: underwear that can prevent sexually transmitted infections. The FDA has authorized a company's specially designed underwear. But are they practical?

Man gets vasectomy at 28-years-old

Isiah has a one-on-one with a man who decided to get a vasectomy at 28 years old. It's a pretty big decision to make, but he says he had good reason.