Holiday travel safety tips

Isiah speaks with Dr. Suma Manjunath with the Kelsey Seybold Clinic about holiday travel safety and what you should do if you are traveling.

Remembering Trans Activist Monica Roberts

Isiah speaks with a panel on Transgender Remembrance Day and remembering Trans Activist Monica Roberts. Panel includes: Michael Web/Activist/"They Them", Fran Watson/Attorney and Associate Judge, and Diamond Collier/Executive Director of Black Transwomen Inc.

Continued push for police reform

Eugene Howard with the Brazoria County NAACP and Gary Bledose, NAACP State President, talk with Isiah about the continued push for police reform.

International hair extension shortage

There's actually an international hair extension shortage right now! Isiah speaks with Warren Broadnax/She's Happy Hair, Marcus Boyers/She's Happy Hair, Mariesa Belmer/Hair Sylist, about the shortage.

Gun ownership study

A new study released by a group of professors including one from Rice University. The study suggests after surveying 3,000 diverse individuals, white Democrats were much more willing to support a white woman’s right to own a firearm than they were any other group. Republicans showed less support for a Black man owning a firearm than they did any other racial or gender group.

Violence among rappers on the rise

Several rappers have been shot, some killed, in the last two weeks. An Isiah Factor Uncensored panel discusses the disturbing trend and the need for people to value life.

Stop touching your face during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Experts say we should try to stop touching our faces to prevent catching the virus. Dr. Don Vaughn, a neuroscientist with the Dept Of Psychology At UCLA talks about an app that alerts you when you touch your face to help you stop.

Talking First Black Female Vice President Elect

The panel speaks regarding the first female Black Vice President Elect. Jasmine Terry/Owner of Le Chateau Bistro and Lounge, Maggie Noel/Owner of MPressive Faces, and JJ Simmons/Author and Radio Vet, react to the election.