Is it unhealthy to have #CoupleGoals?

Tonight on Angela After Dark, we talk about unrealistic expectations we have for relationships due to idolizing celebrity couples. Here are some healthy ways to create more intimacy in your own relationship without comparisons.

November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

During National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, it's important for caregivers and family to understand that not everyone experiences Alzheimer's the same way, and that sometimes a loved one is experiencing an entirely different reality. For more information visit:

Impeachment hearings are underway

It was a big day for America as the first of several impeachment hearings got underway. It's the impeachment hearings no one seems to really care about. Why is that?

New Yorkers frightened after ICE rolls through neighborhood in armored tank

The federal agency pulled into a New York neighborhood with a military style vehicle called a Bearcat. Were they trying to drag illegals from their homes? A spokesperson for the mayor says the agents were looking for one person who was believed to have 50 guns. This is our America, where one can now find a military style vehicle in the streets of this country, all in a pursuit of one person who might have guns.