Financial literacy

April is Financial Literacy Month. The University of Houston Downton is working to make sure that Houstonians are equipped to make good choices when it comes to finances, especially during the pandemic. One of the coaches from the program joins The Factor, along with the program’s director, to discuss the impacts on the community.

TikTok Creators

There was a lot of backlash after a white TikTok creator appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, showing Fallon how to do viral dances – many of them created by Black content creators. Among them was the dance to Cardi B’s “Up,” which was created by two Houston teenagers. They talked about what it was like to see that bit play out on national television, and what it was like when Fallon ultimately invited the original creators on the show.

CDC Racism

The CDC announced Thursday that racism is a threat to public health. Our panel says this is something Black and Brown communities already knew, and discusses what should be the next step.

Woman dresses to the nines for Zoom church

You may have seen her online this year. Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly went viral for dressing up each week for Zoom church, for 52 weeks in a row! She talks to The Factor about the inspiration behind her decision.

Angela After Dark

I can’t stop comparing myself to my partner’s ex! Dr. Angela Jones joins the Factor Uncensored to discuss what you should do.

Covid 4th Wave

Is there reason for concern of a 4th wave after Spring Break and Easter?

Trans Panic Legislation

Virginia is the 12th state, first in The South, to ban what’s known as “trans panic” in murder or manslaughter cases. Our panel discusses the importance.

HCC going virtual for Spring 2021 graduation, some students displeased

HCC has decided to go ahead with virtual options for graduating students in Spring 2021. The decision isn’t sitting well with students, including a mother of seven who has launched a petition to get the decision reversed. She and her husband, who is also graduating this semester, discuss why they feel they should be allowed to graduate in person.

Deshaun Watson accuser makes her identity public

Ashley Solis read a prepared statement Tuesday, and a statement was read by attorney Cornelia Brandfield-Harvey from another accuser, Lauren Baxley. But it wasn’t just those two that had speaking time at the press conference. Our panel reacts to the statements and questions, what they call, antics during the rest of the news conference, something they say could do the case a disservice.

Talking the weekend in entertainment

The SAG Awards were this weekend, but you may have missed them if you blinked because they were so short! Broadway also returned to the stage, but also in a condensed time slot. A Houston Chronicle writer joins The Factor to talk about the weekend in entertainment, including a big weekend for “Godzilla vs King Kong.”

Did the Trump campaign manipulate donations

In a recent NYT investigation, the Trump Campaign is accused of taking more money than donors intended to give them. Many donors say they thought they were making a one-time donation, when in fact, in fine print, it was a reoccurring donation. Our panel shares reaction and discusses whether they think this was an ethical practice.

Food festivals return to Houston

This holiday weekend, food festivals return! Organizers of two of them join The Factor to share how COVID-19 protocols will be implemented, and, of course, what’s on the menu!

More Americans say their faith was strengthened during pandemic

Recent data from the Pew Research Center shows more Americans than people in other countries say their religious faith was strengthened in the last year. We talk to a pastor as well as a Doctor of Psychiatry about the important role faith plays in times such as these.

Churches serve, feed communities during COVID-19 pandemic

More than a year into the pandemic, a church in the Energy Corridor is booming with people looking for help feeding their family. A coordinator with LBN Houston describes how their effort started out small, with just 90 boxes of food, to being a permanent mobile distribution site supported by the Houston Food Bank.