Houston lawmaker against housing project

A Houston state lawmaker is making a very public outcry against a low-income housing project that environmental watchdogs say is being built near multiple contaminated properties. FOX 26's Political Reporter Greg Groogan has an update.

Houstonians spending 30% of income on housing

The Kinder report out this week shows over half of renters in Harris County and Houston are now spending in excess of 30% of their income on housing. When researchers took into consideration other costs of living like transportation, child care, health care, and food - the proportion of Harris County residents burdened by housing may be even higher. Toi Babineaux, Manager of Housing and Legal Services for Harris County, joined FOX 26 to discuss more.

More Americans retiring into tiny homes

More than 70 percent of Americans cannot afford the median price of a new single-family home, that's according to the National Association of Home Builders. Some tiny home advocates say they're the solution to the housing crisis. FOX's Mills Hayes has more.

Shift in vacation home rental market

A shift in the vacation rental market is leaving many rentals unbooked and it's causing those who own them to become concerned about possibly losing money. Jamie Lane with AirDNA has more on what's going on in this market shift.

Standoff over property tax relief continues

Texas lawmakers are starting another special session to tackle property taxes, but they can't seem to decide how to put more money in your pocket. One state representative wants you to cote on it. FOX's Shaun Rabb has a look at the plans on the table.

Nasty nuisance leaves Brazoria Co. neighbors outraged

It's a dangerous nasty nuisance residents say they’ve known about for years. So, why haven't Brazoria County officials done something to help residents living around it? FOX 26's Randy Wallace tells the full story about a house no one wants to live next to.