Y'all Asked - calling 911

A viewer wanted to know if you can really call 911 and pretend to order a pizza to get help if there's a dangerous person in the room that you don't want to tip off.

He sent us a post that says, if you call 911 and ask for a pepperoni pizza, the operator will ask if you know you called 911. If you say yes, they will begin to ask you yes or no questions to get you help. It claims you can ask, 'how long until my pizza gets here?' and they will tell you how far a patrol unit is from your location.

We called the Houston Emergency Center, and they said yes, their operators are trained for this type of call. Administration Manager Joe Laud reminded us that you can text 911 too, but that this type of call might actually help you get help faster. He said texting generally goes a lot slower, so if you can call by phone, you should. He was not aware of a specific case where someone has used the pizza trick in Houston, but confirmed his team would know how to help if you call and play it off like a delivery order.