'Wrong direction': Fort Bend County increases COVID-19 threat level

With Thanksgiving just days away, Fort Bend County has increased their COVID-19 threat level to “moderate/significant”.

The Orange level is the second-highest of the four COVID-19 categories. Fort Bend County was previously at the Yellow “low/moderate community” risk level.

Photo: Fort Bend County

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“As our holiday season kicks off, we are experiencing alarming trends of positive cases, hospitalizations, and other critical factors in the wrong direction,” County Judge KP George wrote on Facebook.

He warned that “this is not the time to let our guards down”.

“Continue to wear masks, physically distance, and assess your risk to protect yourself and your loved ones,” he wrote.

According to the County’s guidance, the Orange level means there is a high or moderate potential for exposure to known or suspected sources of COVID-19, and that the health care system has adequate capacity but could be exceed if multiple outbreaks occur.

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The County offers the following guidance for activities at this level:

 - Avoid and cancel medium (10250 people) and large public and private gatherings (250+)

 - Avoid nonessential business and personal travel

 - Use public transportation with caution

 - Practice good hygiene and social distancing

 - Cancel visits to nursing homes, longterm care facilities and hospitals