Woodlands eye specialists set trends with FDA-approved skin tightening procedure

Eye specialists in The Woodlands were among the first to offer an FDA-approved procedure to address saggy skin and wrinkles.

An eye specialist in The Woodlands is expanding his treatments for patients, now offering help with their eyesight and how they look around their eyes. Patients at Eye Health Consultants in The Woodlands they are used to getting stellar care to get their vision checked and treatment for typical eye conditions.

However, the Medical Director and Optometrist, Dr. Julio Arroyo, is taking care to a new level. He realized that some dry eye technology also rejuvenates the skin.

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"For the longest, people have asked me what they can do about the dark bags under my eyes or crowfeet. All these things happen as we age, and I never had a good solution, which was frustrating. So, through the years doing a lot of research, I realized that via my dry eye patients, I could help them rejuvenate their skin to look better, be more beautiful, feel more beautiful," states Dr. Arroyo.

That idea turned into Visibly Beautiful Med Spa on the second floor of Dr. Arroyo's eye clinic.

"We have seen tens of thousands of patients, so many of these spaces trust us over the years. They know us and trust us for care, so when we see them for dry eye in particular, we do a 3D scan of the skin. So, we do a face scan because those eye issues, related to inflammation, often flare up from the skin around the eyes," says Dr. Arroyo.

While many Houston patients have come here for decades, Dr. Lisa Kotas drives from Dallas. After finding what she calls the ideal treatment to dial back time, she believes the travel is well worth it.


"I'm turning 50 next month, and I've noticed some changes in my skin, typical aging changes. The one that really bothered me was fine lines and wrinkles and some bagging under my eyes," says Dr. Kotas.

Dr. Kotas is well-versed in the medical field and did all her homework before choosing this procedure. She's impressed with the minimal side effects and few risks.

"I did a lot of research, and there are a lot of great treatments out there, but most of them seem to use needles or lasers. Tixel is a new technology that addressed my concerns, but with a more comfortable procedure and less downtime," says Dr. Kotas.

She has undergone multiple Tixel treatments.

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"It's the latest technology that's come over from Europe. I absolutely love the results this treatment provides for my clients. The texture of their skin is almost instantaneous for them once the healing process is started and the tightening and lifting effect, so I'm able to lift areas that are problematic for a lot of my clients that they didn't think could be done with just a treatment," explains Sarah Jameson, the Clinical Director of Visibly Beautiful Med Spa.

Tixel helped stop rude comments about Dr. Kotas.

"It was affecting me frequently. When I went into the hospital, colleagues would say, Oh my gosh, that must have been a rough night. Were you up all night? I would respond that I was here for the day shift, making me look tired, which wasn't a comfortable feeling. I felt embarrassed and wanted to address it," says Dr. Kotas.

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The treatment can be done on most body parts, not just the eyes. It's an all-in-one device that the FDA approved to non-invasively address wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, rosacea, acne, droopy eyelids, and melasma.

"This is heat transfer. So, it is not needles or lasers. It's just heat transfer from the device to the skin's surface and more of a stamping motion. It recreates those micropores, the little injuries that help tighten and do all the good things it's doing," says Sarah. She goes on to say that it generates cell turnover, which stimulates collagen. Dr. Kota is relieved with her results. "Nobody asks about late nights! A few colleagues said I looked great and asked if I went on vacation. It didn't feel like I had to wear as much make-up, which also saved me time," explains Dr. Kotas.

It takes most patients about five days to fully heal. Sarah says it also typically takes three treatments to achieve the desired results.