Woman, dog rescued after she drove car into ditch, was submerged in water

A woman and her small dog were rescued from a submerged vehicle on Saturday evening.

According to Harris County Constable Ted Heap, the woman came across high water driving through Bear Creek Park near northwest Houston. She tried to make a U-turn and accidentally drove off the road and slid into a ditch becoming partially submerged in water.

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Officials say the woman was unable to get out of the car and crawled into the back seat with her small dog and called for help.

According to deputies, they were able to locate the car with the help of a witness. One of the deputies waded into the water and helped the two get out through the door and back onto dry land safely.


Constable Heap reminded drivers to avoid driving into high water as covered roads can hide dips, debris, and other hazards. He says as little as six inches of water can be enough to cause serious damage to your vehicle.