With strict guidelines, visitors now allowed at nursing homes in Texas

A long-awaited executive order from Governor Greg Abbott is finally here. Starting today, visitors are allowed at nursing homes and senior living facilities.

For the last six months, many seniors across the state went without a visit from their loved ones. Now, the long awaited family reunions can happen.

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There are some pretty strict guidelines. For in person visits, up to two people chosen as caregivers by the resident or their legal representative are allowed, and they have to undergo mandatory training before being allowed inside.

Personal protective equipment must be used, and only one caregiver is allowed in at a time.

Other guests can schedule outdoor no-contact visits, open window visits, or if indoors, the use of a plexiglass partition.


Despite Governor Abbott loosening restrictions, he says he has been faced by critics who want him to do more saying, “There are some Texans that want to fully open Texas 100 percent as if COVID no longer is a threat. The fact is COVID does still exist and most Texans remain susceptible. If we fully open Texas without limits, without safe practices it could lead to an unsustainable increase in COVID that would be forced to ratchet back down.”

If you do plan on visiting a loved one at a nursing home, or other senior facility, call the staff first to make sure you are following their procedures.

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