What to do if you're having trouble getting your stimulus check

Many people say they're having trouble getting their stimulus checks or say it's not the amount they were expecting.

The IRS began issuing the first 80 million economic relief checks this week.  We did some digging to help you find answers to your questions.

"I'm just at a loss right now, I really am," said Damita Hawkins.
Hawkins says she received the stimulus funds she expected for herself, but not the additional $500 for her 15-year-old daughter.

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"I've carried her on my taxes every year and I looked back on last year's tax return that I filed through the IRS and she was listed there," Hawkins told us.

Many other viewers tell us they also didn't receive their child credit.

What do you do?  

The IRS says it will send a letter to your last known address within two weeks of sending out your stimulus funds.  The letter will have directions on how to report an issue.  You can also claim the missing credit on your 2020 tax return.

We also head from many viewers, like Pamela Jones, that the Get My Payment website showed their checks going to an incorrect bank account number.

"The account number they sent my check to is not my account number," said Jones.

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She says she has now learned what many others have now discovered. The money may have gone to a tax preparer you used to file your taxes previously, or a debit card or account they set up for your tax refund. Check with them. If you received a refund advance loan, the IRS says that account should be dead and will bounce the money back to the IRS, which will then send you a paper check.

Carol emailed FOX 26, "How long does it take to get your refund if you had to notify the IRS of your bank information...?"

Unfortunately, the IRS isn't saying.  But they do say if you updated your information after your check was processed, it will be mailed to your last known address.

Viewers also asked if their stimulus can be garnished for a past debt.  It cannot be garnished for a federal student loan, but it can be for back owed child support or privately held debt, such as a bank.

If you're worried your funds will be garnished from your account, you can request a paper check be mailed to you, or try to take the money out of your bank right after it arrives.

Twenty-five state attorneys general and the Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection urged Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to issue guidance to protect stimulus funds from debt collection, but no action has been taken.