Warning: Texas heat can make recalled airbags even riskier

There’s a new warning about dangerous airbags that are more likely to explode in the Texas heat and humidity. They can be replaced but consumers have to take action.

It’s estimated 45,000 vehicles in the Dallas area are still equipped with recalled Takata airbags. They have a history of exploding shrapnel into drivers and are linked to 23 deaths worldwide.

North Texas auto dealers are launching an awareness campaign ahead of Labor Day weekend urging drivers to get their defective airbags fixed as soon as possible.

Manager of Big D Automotive Moe Sami said the heat can increase the risk of those airbags going off.

“Airbags, compressors, radiators, AC hoses… we see more hoses blow because it’s just too hot for these parts to handle the job,” he said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said high temperatures can cause the airbags to explode when deployed.

"With the heat, it speeds up that process. There’s fluid in it that helps it ignite,” Sami said.

Takata airbags were responsible for the largest auto industry safety recall in history. The faulty airbags were put in vehicles by the majority of auto manufacturers between 2003 and 2013.

The NHTSA has an entire section its website dedicated to the Takata recall. To check if your airbag is on the list, just type in your vehicle identification number.

Sami said getting a replacement is free and easy and any dealership.