Waller County officials react to latest jail allegations

Humiliation and cruelty -- that's what Chelsea Schehr says she suffered inside the walls of the Waller County Jail.

"I felt exactly like my dog when I rescued him from the pound. I felt like a dog. It was horrible," said the 24-year-old.

Arrested Saturday after a domestic dispute, Schehr was stripped of her clothing and placed mostly naked in an isolation cell reserved for inmates on suicide watch. For 28 hours she was observed nude by male jailers and inmates as she futilely attempted to cover her private parts with a small blanket  Schehr says requests for feminine hygiene supplies and panties were flatly denied.

"Completely naked in a pool of her own blood and they wouldn't supply her with anything no sanitary napkins, not underwear, not a tampon, not anything," said Colleen Schehr, Chelsea's mother.

"There were inmates who had access to walk past my cell and look in there," said Chelsea.

Fox 26 has reached out to Waller County Officials for reaction.

"I am anxious to see any findings of an investigation by the Texas Jail Standards Commission," said Elton Mathis, Waller County District Attorney.

Frustrated Waller County Commissioner John Amsler has called for the resignation of Sheriff Glenn Smith in the wake of the Sandra Bland suicide and more recent allegations of sexual assault at the jail.

"If anything else happens with the Sheriff, his people or the jail, it's not my responsibility," said Amsler adding "I have done all I can do."

A call to Waller County Judge Trey Duhon was not returned.

Fox 26 consulted Michele Dietch, an expert on jail standards.  Dietch says if the Schehr allegations prove true Waller County will have committed multiple violations of state and national guidelines