Violent repeat offender on bond for murder charged with killing another woman

Not only did Antonio Williams serve a prison sentence while on bond for murder, his bond was immediately reinstated after he got out of prison. That may have cost 33-year-old Myanda Thomas her life.

How unusual is it for an inmate in prison to be on bond for murder?

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"I haven't seen that in my 35 plus years," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

Williams has six felony convictions, and half are violent.

In 2021, Williams is charged with felon in possession of a weapon in Harris County, and he posts bond. Then in March of 2022, Williams is charged with murder in Fort Bend County after being accused of killing 60-year-old Melinda Bibbs on New Year's Eve 2019.

Police say Melinda's 30-year-old daughter, Ebony, was also shot but survived. Williams was Ebony's ex-boyfriend.

Williams half a million dollar bond for the murder charge was eventually lowered to $115,000 and Williams posts bond.

"So now he's on bond for the murder in Fort Bend County, and he's still on bond for felon in possession of a weapon in Harris County," Kahan said.

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In September 2023, Williams pleads guilty to felon in possession of a weapon.

"He takes a two-year plea deal," said Kahan.

Last March, Williams leaves prison and his bond is reinstated.

"What they should have done is followed up with him in Fort Bend right after he got out, and made either new conditions or reviewed his bond at least," said Crime Victims Advocate April Aguirre.

Williams is free on bond for the murder charge for less than two months when police say he killed another girlfriend, 33-year-old Myanda Thomas.

It happened last Friday at 709 East 36th Street.

"There's some sort of disturbance, multiple gunshots were heard. The male flees the scene with the 2-year-old child on a bicycle," said Houston Police Assistant Chief Meagan Howard. "When officers arrive, they find a female deceased."

Police say Williams turned the gun on himself.

When he's released from the hospital, he's expected to be charged with murder,