Video: Thieves hijack flower delivery truck in 38 seconds

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The businesses victimized by a crew of car thieves tell FOX 5, they are baffled by their latest target: a flower delivery truck.

An independent contractor delivering flowers for Midtown Atlanta-based company Peachtree Petals got a frightening surprise, when she walked away from her truck parked for a quick drop-off in a client's driveway; the video shows, 38 seconds later, DeKalb County police said thieves jumped in and drove off.

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The ordeal happened Saturday afternoon off Autumn Lake Lane by Wesley Chapel Road in South DeKalb County.

A neighbor shared the surveillance with FOX 5 News. It shows a Dodge Charger and possibly another vehicle trailing the flower delivery truck, then circling back around as the driver gets out of the car. The vehicles pause as a male gets out of the Dodge Charger, then jumps into the flower truck and drives off.

While the driver was nearing the end of her delivery route, Peachtree Petals said the heist may have hurt business for the day with the flowers that were stolen. The driver's belongings were taken as well.

"It was terrible. It was unbelievable someone would be that close, and lose their car," said Don Jones, who manages Peachtree Petals and 1800Courier, the delivery service. He said he has never heard of thieves hijacking a flower delivery vehicle before, in his decades of courier service.

The businesses have a message for these criminals.

"I would just say to them, there is another way. The way they're going about it right now-- they're asking for trouble," said Jones.

Anyone with information on the vehicles or suspects can call DeKalb County police or Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta. People can receive a reward up to $2,000, while remaining anonymous.

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