Trump attends fundraiser in Fort Worth Tuesday

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump briefly stopped in North Texas on Tuesday for a fundraiser.

A private luncheon held at the City Club in downtown Fort Worth was held midday Tuesday. Tickets for the event ranged from $2,700 to $250,000.

Not everyone could pay the price of admission, but ardent supporters came out to catch a glimpse of the nominee as he came by in a motorcade.

"I was holding up the Art of the Deal. He gave me the thumps up, smiled and waived, you know,” said Eric Edwards.

Trump never saw the small group of Hillary Clinton supporters who showed up around the corner from his arrival.

"I have to say to some of my friends that are wondering when it comes to supporting Trump -- what part of crazy do you support,” said Lisa Stokdyk.

That's not how Trump's supporters see it.

"I think he's overall more honest than most politicians, which gets him in trouble a lot but I like him for that,” Edwards said.

There was heavy security for Trump's visit, which came unusually late in the campaign season. Texas is one of the big fundraising states for Republican and Democratic politicians. But Trump’s plan for an Austin rally later Tuesday is the latest a presidential contender has held a public event in the state in two decades.

Trump departed North Texas after 1:30 p.m. from DFW Airport in his black Trump 757.

The race in Texas is tighter than it has been in previous years. The most recent polling data shows Trump with only a 6 point lead over Hillary Clinton. Other polls show a slightly larger margin.

Lately headlines about Trump have focused on immigration. He promised in an interview on Monday to deliver a “fair but firm” policy toward the millions of immigrants living in the United States illegally.

He insists he is not flip-flopping on previous promises to push for mass deportations.