'TikTok Trickster' wanted for scamming women, stealing thousands of dollars across several states

Authorities from several different agencies in states across the south are looking for the man they call the "TikTok Trickster".

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"He has never had a job," said Spanish Fort Police Chief John Barber. "His criminal history spans 30 plus years. He’s a prolific con artist."

Chief Barber identifies the "TikTok Trickster" as 54-year-old Brenton Fillers. According to Barber, Fillers has at least 27 known aliases and has a criminal history in six states.

In recent months, law enforcement became increasingly aware of the "TikTok Trickster" and his tricks. Authorities believe Fillers uses a fake name and photos on TikTok to message unsuspecting women. 


After complimenting them, he eventually meets them in person. Then, he gains their trust and begins using sob stories to ask for money. Finally, police say he leaves the woman and steals thousands of dollars, and sometimes her vehicle. Then, he ditches his previous cellphone and fake name, moving on to the next victim.

"He had messaged me in my DMs," said a woman named Brittany. "He’s good. He has his story down. This has been a 20-year career for him."

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Brittany wants to hide her identity, but lives in Beaumont. Authorities believe Fillers had been messaging her on TikTok while he was with at least one previous victim in another state.

According to Brittany, the "TikTok Trickster" slowly stole roughly $4,000 from her before he disappeared.

"He texted me," said Brittany. "I don’t how he left Beaumont, or who he left with. Next time I called, his SIM card was out of his phone. It said it was disconnected."


"If he’s got someone right now that he’s with, he’s working on the next one," said Chief Barber. "Even the one right after that. He is somewhere right now under a false name with another lady. They have no idea the person next to them is a scam artist. And, that he’s wanted for the rape of an 11-year-old boy out of Texas."

In addition to current charges relating to sexual assault in Texas, online criminal records reveal Fillers has already been convicted at least three times for cases relating to theft, fraud, and forgery.

If you recognize Fillers, or believe you’ve seen him recently, you’re urged to call police.

"You’re going to get caught," said Brittany. "Your little world is closing in. You have done people wrong far too long. It’s time. Turn yourself in."