Houston TikToker helps homeless mother, 3 kids

Houston social media influencer Victoria Vanna who helped a homeless family of four she found sleeping under a highway is generating buzz online. FOX 26's Jade Flury spoke more with Vanna and the mother of three.

Texas woman finds opossum in Christmas tree

A woman in Texas found an opossum lounging in her Christmas tree and the animal can be seen peaking its head out. She says she found the animal after hearing a sneeze from the tree.

Texas teacher terminated due to TikTok video

Austin ISD fired a teacher after she posted a viral TikTok video that caused some controversy for the district earlier this year. She appealed her termination and the "Board of Trustees" has made a decision. FOX's Jessica Rivera has more as the district decided to uphold her termination.

'Girl dinner' is trending, but is it safe?

A new trend TikTok showing off quick and easy meals made of random snacks and left overs called "girl dinner". While for some, it's easy and even empowering. FOX's Teresa Priolo shows us a makeshift dinner can potentially cross into something more problematic.

Poison control warns against drinking Borax

Another TikTok trend is raising health concerns as people say they are drinking Borax. The powdery substance is found in laundry detergent and sold on its own as a cleaning product but TikTokers say adding a bit to your water helps with inflammation and joint pain. Dr. Mark Winter with Texas Poison Center has more information on why this is NOT a good idea.