Thousands enjoy hot Thanksgiving meal at 37th annual Big Super Feast

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Close to 20,000 people celebrated Thanksgiving at the 37th Annual Big Super Feast sponsored by the City Wide Club.  It’s a blessing for many families in need.

There’s everything fitting for a big super feast, rows of savory, hot food, hundreds of people touched with the spirit of giving back, and live performances.  But it was thousands of families like the Sanchez’s that lit up Hall A at the George R. Brown Convention Center. 

Susan Sanchez has been coming to Super Feast with her mom since she was a little girl.  This holiday was an emotional one.

“We use to come with my mom and my dad but now my mom is kind of sick so she couldn't be with us. But we bring my kid. I want them to learn when I came with my mom,” Sanchez said.

Organizers say the face of this event has changed over the years.

“When we first started, many of the people that we served were homeless, now not so. Many of the people we serve may have a place to live, may be employed, but simply don't make enough to make ends meet,” City Wide Club Director Stephanie Lewis said.

For many families Super Feast made Thanksgiving possible.

“We are trying to teach kids the meaning of Thanksgiving, what to be thankful for. And just seeing how they put all this together FOR everybody to come out. This shows you this is something to be thankful for,” April Clark said.

“It means a lot to my brothers and sisters because they are really having fun today,” her daughter Aisa said.

“It's all about being thankful,” her daughter Daisia said.

This event is also a blessing for disabled military veterans.

“This is my first time. The way the people are, the generosity. Everybody saying happy holiday to you, happy Thanksgiving. They waiting on you hand and foot at the table. With everything going on around the world, this is peace and I love it in here,” Charles Rivers said.

Thousands of people went home with their bellies filled and thankful.