This week's rundown of the Maleah Davis case, May 19-25

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Maleah Davis has been missing for three weeks, but plenty of developments have taken place in that relatively short period of time.

Although the week of May 19 saw less massive case developments than in previous weeks, public involvement has only continued to grow. Volunteer-led searches have scoured many different areas and picked up promising pieces of evidence.


No new case developments. 


The public has taken an incredible interest in Maleah and her case. As a result, members of her family and details of the case have come under intense scrutiny.

A protest group is holding CPS partly to blame for Maleah’s disappearance, because before Maleah went missing, criminal court records show CPS opened an investigation into the family after Maleah suffered a traumatic brain injury. 


As the search for her daughter continues, Maleah's mom was back on social media and getting a lot of backlash for her posts about Derion Vence, the suspect in her daughter's disappearance.

Brittany Bowens had said she was staying away from social media, but she returned on Tuesday, making five Instagram posts about her daughter. Despite this, users descended on her account, questioning why her feed was still saturated with photos of Vence.


Maleah's family members attended a closed door custody hearing. 


Houston Police Department gives a press conference to update the public on progress in the case. According to HPD, those close to the case have not been cooperating. 

Maleah Davis' grandmother asked Chief Art Acevedo to announce that Ronnie and Karen Bias of Lake Charles, Louisiana have pledged an additional $15,000 for a total of $20,000 for information leading to information leading to an arrest and prosecution.


Volunteers looking for Maleah Davis found a second cell phone on Patterson Road in west Houston on Friday, in a wooded area next to Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

Houston police have indicated that a cell phone found in the woods on Friday morning was not connected to the Maleah Davis case. Hours later on the same roadside, a second cell phone was found in the ditch. 


No new case developments. We are still waiting to hear if the second cell phone found is connected.