Attorney representing family of Charion Lockett says body-worn camera video provided was 'cherry-picked'

The family of Charion Lockett, 27, speaking with their lawyers by their side about his death. The attorneys claim the viewed body camera video provided by the Houston Police Department to the family was "cherry-picked."

HPD released the footage of the shooting Thursday evening, less than an hour before the family was set to speak.

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In the video, you can see what happens when officers arrive at the home, the exchange of fire is immediate, but the family’s attorney says HPD fired first. 

"We want the public to know this is a cherry-picked, Hollywood version of what happened to this young man," said attorneys representing the Lockett family. "What they want you to think is that the initial gunshots came from Lockett."

The family is claiming wrongful death, questioning the police department, and those involved that issued an aggravated robbery warrant against him. A warrant the family says was based upon information given by a known criminal and was initially rejected by a judge.

``This young man had a Bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and was studying for the LSAT when he was gunned down outside his home in Houston, Texas" said the family attorney.

The attorneys say, at the time of his death, Mr. Lockett had never been arrested and had no criminal record. 

Houston police say Lockett was wanted for aggravated robbery. The shooting happened out of his home on Oak West Drive. 

In a news conference on the day of the shooting on February 7, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner says the four officers involved were a part of their Crime Suppression Team.

 "Our Crime Suppression Team pulled up in front of the residence before they could get out of the car. The suspect began to fire upon them multiple times, the four officers returned fire," said Finner. 


The four officers are placed on administrative leave, pending the investigation. Finner says the officers are with the North Belt Division's Crime Suppression Team.