Texas School Rankings

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Every year when Children at Risk  comes out with its annual School Rankings, focus is most often on the schools on the top of that list.

Here are High School Rankings, Middle School Rankings, and Elementary School Rankings.

While it’s good to be ranked at the top, what about the schools on the bottom?

Of the five Houston high school schools on the bottom of the ranking, three schools have been in the bottom five for three years in a row.

Those High Schools are: Wheatley High School,  Sterling High School, and Kashmere High School.  

Bob Sanborn is the President and CEO of Children at Risk said besides having an “F” grade they have something else in common.

"They're all low income neighborhoods," he said.

And there is something else.

"You also see sometimes see in those schools the best kids, those that have performed at high academic levels,  have left for the magnet schools," Sanborn said.

But just because a high school has been ranked on the bottom for years, doesn't mean that can't change.

One shining example of that is Sharpstown High School, which rose from the bottom rank and an "F' grade to a "B" grade.  Sanborn explained the success is due to several reasons.  First and foremost is a stable and dedicated administration, a culture of high expectations and an emphasis on spending more time at school.