Texas ranks America's 11th 'most improved' drivers, according to 5-year study

People can say what they want about Texas drivers, but according to a five-year study, they're in the top 15 of most improved in the country. 

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The study was conducted by Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek, which examined rankings between 2018-2022 to find America's most and least improved drivers during that time period. The research was gathered based on insured drivers, the number of DUI arrests, deadly crashes, and how often residents searched for terms like "traffic tickets" or "speeding tickets" on Google. 

Texas in 2018 was ranked the 4th worst drivers in the country, but in 2022, ended up in the 27th position. 

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Arizona, meanwhile, took the crown as the most improved, starting in 2018 at 49th place and in 2022, found itself at 8th. Michigan, on the other hand, held the 10th position in 2018, but in 2022, ranked 49th place. 

"Well, at least we now know which states to avoid going for a road trip through, and which ones to definitely seek out!" Joseph Gunther IV at Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek said in a press statement. "But the message overall still has to be: drive carefully out there, people."

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