Sugar Land woman's mother escapes wrath of Russian-Ukraine War after local help

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entering its 134th day, and thousands continue to try and escape the wrath of the war. One Ukrainian was successfully able to do that and come to Houston. We were there to witness the long awaited reunion.

"I cannot's like every second takes so long," said Viktoriya Rawlins of Sugar Land.

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She is from Ukraine, and her mother was trapped in the eastern part of the war torn country.

"She didn't want to leave because grandma was there," said Rawlins. "It was a huge tragedy for me, because I could not doing anything. It was like I was froze and stuck completely."

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That is until we connected her with Elizabeth Wilhite in Houston, who works with an organization helping Ukrainians escape the wrath of the war.

"[She said] don't be scared to pick up mom. We start to trust all this process," said Rawlins.


About a month later, we met Rawlins at Bush Intercontinental Airport as she received her mom from Ukraine.

"[She] got freedom, and she came on this day. It just really a miracle," said Rawlins.

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For the first time, her mother will step into a country that’s free, on the day we celebrate ours - July 4.

"It really is a miracle. It's a special day for all Americans, and for us, it is double, triple more special day," said Rawlins.