Former US Marine voluntarily fighting gives front line account of Russia-Ukraine War

You might not really think about or even understand the scope of what the soldiers are going through in this war, but many of the volunteers fighting against the Russians are former soldiers from around the world.

It’s very difficult to talk them via a secured network, but we were able to connect with a former U.S. Marine who gives us a better understanding of what it’s like on the front lines.

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"It's just a grind all the time. I haven't showered or washed my clothes in a couple of weeks now, it is very tough. It's the little stuff. The hard thing is just being away from everyone back home. You feel though you are needed here, and you have to do what has to be done," said Bruce.

He talked to us from the battlefield. Due to security reasons, we can share little information about him, but now he is making a big impact.

The former U.S. Marine left his two little kids and wife more than a month ago.

"I just wanted to see what they needed help with. I didn't realize that I would be doing as much as I ended up doing, and I didn't think I would be here nearly as long. But once I saw a lot of stuff that was happening here, I couldn't just leave," he said.


He has been fighting in Ukraine for seven weeks.

"I just finally got a helmet last week so that was something…today we just filled up our water from some spring in the ground and hauled water back over," said Bruce. "When I was in the army, anything you possibly want, the latest and greatest night vision, sights, weapons, we got it. Now a truck pulls up, and you unload a couple of crates of ammo and guys flock and grab it. Some old machine gun rolls out and everybody is thrilled to death about it."

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Although the supply for the necessities is weak, the will to fight for freedom is anything but that.

"These guys are really troopers. These Ukrainians have so much fight in them and just determination to not see their country taken away from them that you can't help but be inspired by that."