Students, parents react to order closing Texas schools for the remainder of the school year

Governor Abbott announced today Texas schools will remain closed through the end of this school year. So how is homeschooling going for you and your family? We have some tips to help in this “Lessons For Parents”.

As parents continue homeschooling for the rest of the school year the biggest tips from teachers is don't be so hard on yourself and remember the teachers are professionals. 

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News that school will be closed the rest of the school year is a bit of a bummer for the Ebert triplets who are Seniors at Kingwood High School and their younger sister. "With our school being flooded our sophomore year and now not being able to finish our year with our friends it’s pretty heartbreaking,” says 18-year-old Ashton Ebert. 

“Part of me still had some hope that we would still have prom and I could play in my soccer playoffs and still have a senior picnic,” adds 18-year-old Emma Ebert. 

“I agree but there’s nothing we can do about it. We have to stay safe.  I’m just enjoying the Zoom calls with my friends,” smiles 18-year-old Sophie Ebert.

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”We had a lot of big things planned this year like our eighth grade formal and our athletics crawfish boil that’s exclusively for eighth-graders.  So I’m just kind of sad to miss out on those things,” adds 14-year-old Madeleine Ebert.

As kids try to adjust to a new normal, so are moms and dads. FOX 26 caught up with teachers who are also parents to get tips.

“Allow yourself grace. Allow your child grace. Everyone is learning,” explains 5-year teaching veteran Tiffany Spurlock. 

”My best advice is to keep a schedule and not to start too early. We’ve realized we are not morning people over here.  For my 8-year-old son Levi we take a recess break. We do lunch and then go outside.  He works better when we do things in short periods,” says Second Baptist Church Pre-K Teacher Krystel Fleming.

What happens when your kiddo has schoolwork, doesn’t know the answer and you don’t either? I’m told it’s a great idea to stay in close contact with your child’s teacher.

“She’s been a very big help for us. I can say hey do you know where I can look this up or do you have any tips and she was very helpful in sending me a link,” Fleming explains.

”My child is in HISD. I’m part of her school group and they have parents that ask questions and we’re all answering. Everyone needs help at some point, especially doing math. Join a parent Facebook group,” adds Spurlock.

Although, HISD for instance still has less than half of its students participating in online schoolwork. The district has ordered 5,000 laptops for families in need.

If you’re not yet connected our teachers say do something to stay stimulated. “Read comic books even, just so you’re exposed to things, so you continue learning,” Spurlock says. 

Perhaps the most important tip of all. “Be patient. Everybody is new to all of this and it’s obviously going to be a lot longer now. So make sure you are kind to one another. Use kind words,” smiles Fleming.