Southwest flight bound for Houston returns to Denver Airport after engine cover falls off

A Houston-bound Southwest flight had to return to Denver International Airport early Sunday morning, according to the FAA. 

Officials said the crew of flight 3695 reported the engine cowling fell off during takeoff and struck the wing flap around 8:15 a.m. Mountain Time. 

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The plane was able to return to Denver International Airport and safely landed. 

FAA officials said the Boeing 737-800 was towed to the gate. 

Southwest officials said the passengers on board the plane arrived at Houston Hobby Airport approximately three hours behind schedule. 

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In their statement, officials said, "we apologize for the inconvenience of their delay, but place our highest priority on ultimate safety for our customers and employees. 

The NTSB said they were aware of the incident but have not yet launched an investigation. 

FAA officials said they will be investigating the incident.