Skylight Health offers low-cost telemedicine to anyone in Texas

If you've lost your health insurance or can't afford coverage, there's a new low-cost option to receive telemedicine.

Anyone in Texas can now receive primary healthcare through telemedicine for about $16 to $24 a month.


The provider says there are no co-pays or deductibles, no insurance needed, which could help many families who lost their insurance along with their jobs this year.

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"As I have seen many times over, they'll more or less say I'll get to a doctor when I get insurance, or I'll just wait a couple of months and I think I'll be okay," said Dr. Frank Gonzalez of Maverick County Medical.

But Dr. Gonzalez says he's seen what happens when patients go without healthcare, such as patients with diabetes, for example.
"When they do get back to a medical provider, sometimes those consequences of not being cared for are difficult to reverse. And they can be permanent," said Gonzalez.

That's why his clinic, Maverick County Medical in Eagle Pass, Texas, has partnered with Skylight Health to offer low-cost telemedicine to anyone in Texas.

"People who are, for example, in between jobs and haven't had their insurance kick in yet.  A lot of them suffer because they think there is no other available healthcare other than insurance," said Gonzalez.

Skylight Health is a subscription direct primary care network with 30 clinics in 13 states, offering 24/7 access to virtual doctor visits.


Patients can pay $24.99 a month, or $199 a year, which breaks down to $16.36 a month. Children under age eight receive care for free with a parent's subscription.

"When they brought this plan up to me, in the back of my mind these bells started to go off. I know there's a lot of people out there that don't have insurance or don't have the monies for insurance, and they would benefit tremendously from something like this," said Gonzalez.

If a patient needs an in-person visit or to see a specialist, the company tells us that they "work with the patient to determine what they need and how to access it.  

Skylight Health patients are never left to fend for themselves -- there is somebody on the other end of the phone or on the video conference screen with them that is able to walk them through the next step that's appropriate for them to get the help they need."

Skylight Health says that it also offers appointments with bilingual doctors. The company can be reached at (844) 644-8880 or via the website to offer low-cost telemedicine to anyone in Texas.