Sexual abuse lawsuit filed against child care center

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"I can't give her back what she's lost and it hurts like hell," said one father who has filed a lawsuit against Westchase Academy and Daycare. FOX 26 News will not name that father to protect his 3-year-old daughter's identity.

"This place was supposed to be a day care -- instead it's a day dump," said attorney George Edwards III.

The father said he became concerned after his young daughter started touching herself inappropriately.

"There are certain things 3 year olds just aren't supposed to know," said attorney Allen Zwernemann.

The lawsuit states the 3-year-old girl told her parents that's what the child care worker did to her.

"Her 7-year-old sister was actually a witness," added Zwernemann.

"She saw it on three different occasions," said the girl's father. "The lady was laying down next to her and sticking her hand down her pants."

When the child's mother confronted the day care worker, her attorneys said the worker cried while hugging the mother, said she didn't know why her daughter was saying that and she didn't want to lose her job then walked away.

"The day care filled out a single form but did no investigation," said Edwards. "Never sent the worker home, never interviewed the worker."

The parents contacted police who are continuing to investigate.

"The last time it happened, she was hurting really bad and we had to take her to the doctor," said the father. "The doctor said, 'Oh my God! Something really bad happened to her because she doesn't want anybody to touch her.'"

"As of today, she is at the day care around young minors teaching kids as if nothing ever happened," said Edwards.

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