Self-driving food delivery robots hit University of Houston campus

The University of Houston has now launched a new autonomous food delivery robots that are now live.

Starship Delivers, the company behind these robots, has been in the works for roughly five years and is currently on a few college campuses across the United States.

But UH is the first campus in Texas to have the self-roving robots.

Vice President of Business Development tells FOX 26, the app is really easy to download and the food should take about 30 minutes to get to you.

“This revolutionary delivery method will make it more convenient for the campus community to take advantage of our diverse dining program from anywhere on campus while expanding the hours of operation,” said Emily Messa, UH associate vice president for administration.

For now, the app is available to students and faculty members, and the delivery can be tracked in real-time.

Once the robot arrives, the user will receive an alert, and they can meet the robot and unlock it through the app.

Starship Delivers says the service is paid for by the customer through a $1.99 delivery fee.

Payment can be made via credit, debit or Cougar Cash.

“By opening our campus to this innovative service, which is paid for by the customers, the university didn’t have to spend any money purchasing the technology, yet we’re enhancing our food delivery capabilities,” says Emily Messa, UH associate vice president for administration.

The self-driving robots have also been tested to cross roadways.