Search for suspect who hid in woman's bedroom, assaulted her

A woman who was sexually assaulted in San Marcos believes the suspect was waiting and hiding in her bedroom before he threatened her with a handgun and assaulted her.

According to the victim, she found an unknown suspect hiding in the bedroom of her apartment when she arrived home on Wednesday, April 24 around 3:45 p.m. The suspect threatened her with a handgun and sexually assaulted her. The victim lives in an apartment at the Cottages of San Marcos, in the 1400 block of Craddock Avenue, according to the San Marcos Police Department. 

Police Chief Chase Stapp said the victim’s front door was unlocked when the suspect entered.  “Always lock your doors, whether you’re at home or not, and that goes for your cars and your residence."

Marissa Robershaw, who lives at the Cottages, says the complex is mostly Texas State students. 

News of the crime has her and others there worried that it could happen again. 

“It’s really scary, because that can really happen to anybody. With the amount of people that don’t lock their doors nowadays, it could be anybody, so it’s not something to take as a joke,” Robershaw said. 

The suspect is described as a black male in his 20's with an athletic build. It is believed that he is approximately six feet tall and was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants, black gloves, black socks, black slide sandals, and a mask covering the lower half of his face. 

“When violent crimes happen like this, on these rare occasions, our personnel give everything they’ve got and really devote our resources to catching that criminal and we intend to do that in this case,” Stapp said. 

“I hope that people take this seriously, and there has been break-ins too around San Marcos, so I think everybody needs to lock their doors,” said Robershaw. 



Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Campbell with the San Marcos Police Department by phone at 512.753.2312 or by email at



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