Savannah Bananas lose to Party Animals in sold-out game in Sugar Land

The Savannah Bananas began their three game series in Sugar Land Thursday evening with a sold-out crowd.

"I’m keeping this shirt on until Monday, or whenever school starts again," said one young fan.

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The Bananas play a style of baseball they call "Banana Ball". In banana ball, there’s a 2-hour time limit for games and if a fan catches a foul ball the batter is out.

"Our goal was to just make baseball fun," said Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas. "We looked at all the long, slow, boring parts of a game to see how we could make it exciting. It’s taken a life of its own."

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The Bananas are now on tour playing against the Party Animals. The games themselves are unscripted, but involve lots of dancing.

"It’s a blast," said Sean Fluke, a pitcher for the Party Animals. "We’re the most hated team out there right now. There’s nothing better than ruining the show for [the Bananas] and really putting it to them."

Many of the players have signature moves or costumes. Before and after the games, players interact with fans inside and outside the stadium.

"It’s the best job in the world," said Mat Wolf, a trick pitcher on the Bananas. "[There’s] not many rules. I just get to be myself and act as crazy as I want."

All three games in Sugar Land are sold out. There’s currently roughly 500,000 people on a waiting list to see the Bananas play on their tour. 

"Playing in Sugar Land, in Houston, I think this is kind of crazy," said Malachi Mitchell, a designated runner with the Bananas. "I never thought I’d be playing in a AAA stadium."