Santa Fe man suffers second-degree burn in garage blaze caused by fireworks

A Santa Fe man suffered second-degree burns after fireworks tossed in a trash can sparked a fire in his garage.

According to Santa Fe Fire Chief Tommy Anderson, a man driving by the fire, located in the 7600 block of Avenue C, went and banged on the house door to let the family know.

The family was able to evacuate. The homeowner rushed into the burning garage to save his Ford F-250 truck, Anderson said.


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Officials encourage the public to douse their fireworks with water before putting them in the trash or to leave them outside away from combustibles.

The fire had already melted parts of the truck's mirror housing and decals, but the owner was able to get the truck out of the garage.

In the process he suffered second-degree burns to his left shoulder, the chief said.

The injured man declined to be taken to the hospital.